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Obermeyer Labs is a small software development and consulting company based in Fort Collins, Colorado. We offer consulting services in algorithm design, mathematical modeling, and software development.

Our areas of expertise include:


Organic Controllerism

What is it that acoustic instruments have that electronic instruments are wanting? What allows that organic symbiosis between human and machine?

At Obermeyer Labs, we are addressing that question by combining research from control theory, psychoacoustics, and machine learning to build organic electronic musical instruments. Our approach is to start with psychoacoustic models of musical impression, and build controllers that allow a user to directly navigate a consonance space. For example, on the left is a projection of a pitch-consonance space into 3D space.

Where do tones live? In pitch-consonance space, of course.
(cross your eyes to see in 3D)

Video-Based Controllers

A LoveTech attendee plays the Shadowboard.

Webcams like the PlayStation Eye have the highest bandwidth-per-dollar of any computer interface device, but using video data is tricky. At Obermeyer Labs, we developed low-latency single-camera 3D video-tracking software for controlling musical instruments. In this picture, each of the player's 10 fingers is being tracked in 3D, and used to control a pitch- and tempo- synchronized set of oscillators.

Image Enhancement

Photographer Ben DiAnna captured this beautiful rock scene in the Bisti Badlands. We designed a multi-scale enhancement filter to bring out the texture of the rock and the subtle colors in the sky. Take a look at the details.

Audio Analysis

To resolve the base line in this ThaMuseMeant song, and still keep the fiddle and fast percussion, we designed a multi-scale reassigned spectrogram that maps directly to cochlea space. Check out the complete analysis as a huge 32MB image.

We have developed a number of realtime low-latency audio analysis algorithms for our musical instruments, enabling them to match tempo and pitch from ambient sound.

Aimee Curl getting down in Rubberball.